Featured community member: JoJo_66

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Kaneva has plenty of unsung heroes, whether they are the coders working on new features or the quietly helpful people who are almost always available to help answer questions or concerns. JoJo_66, Kaneva’s community manager, is one of the latter.

JoJo, you have been part of Kaneva for nearly six years now; how did you originally get involved?

Well, it was a dark and stormy night… :) No, I was watching Fox News one evening and ran across an interview that Chris Klaus was giving on Kaneva. It sounded fun so I checked it out. I was lucky enough to get in while Kaneva was still in private beta testing. At that point, we only had a few members. It opened a couple of weeks after I joined, and the population just took off.

I had been a member for about a year when the community manager at the time started the advisor program and asked if I might be interested in being part of that. I said yes, and just never quite left! Since advisors rotate through every six months, my role has shifted over time to provide more and more community support and ultimately became a job. These days I spend quite a lot of time answering tickets, setting up and promoting contests and other events, coordinating and working with the advisors, and generally doing what I can to help out.

What do you like most about your role?

Well, I’m based in South Carolina, so I have to admit, I love the flexibility I get from working from home! But more seriously, my favorite part of this job is helping people, and being a small part of this big, wonderful thing that is Kaneva. I like knowing that I have had a positive impact here, and that I have been helpful to our community. I also enjoy the sheer variety of it all—it is never the same thing every day; whether it is new people or new questions, updates, or projects coming down the line, there is always something different to think about and work on here.

Given how much time you spend helping everyone else with projects, do you have any chance to work on your own projects in Kaneva?

Sadly, no, not really. I do try out and use all of the features in Kaneva, but at the end of the day, there just aren’t enough hours for major projects of my own. I get a bit jealous sometimes—build mode is so user-friendly at this point that you can do some wonderful things in it.


Enter The Biggest Epic Battle Contest !!!

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Win $100.00 in credits for the most players in your Epic Battle in the month of May!

Try out the new Epic Battle Template, customize it and promote it.

Create your game world via the Epic Battle option under the Create a World Drop down menu.

1st Place will win 20,000 credits

  • URL from your zone must be posted on the contest page of Kaneva to be considered
  • Enter as often as you like

Now’s your chance if you missed the last contest to get in on the action.
For those that participated in April, if you didn’t get enough time, you are eligible to win this contest.

In fact, if you previously won, you can compete again and try to win this contest.

This contest is open and eligible to all Games made with the Epic Battle Game Template and is based on how many people play it during the month of May.

Promote your world to get the most users!

Good Luck to All.



NEW!! Epic Battle Template

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We are excited to announce The Epic Battle Template!  This is our latest and greatest game template. We have been keeping track of features our community has been asking for, so we were able to build in a spectacular lineup of new content and features in this one.  Game templates are going to continue to evolve, so you can expect more to come.

Thanks to community members wvoutlaw22 and PreciousTabby, this game template boasts an amazing custom map!

Here are some of our favorite highlights included in this release:

  • New: Group invitation system.
  • Leveling in game.
  • Gifting System: So you can send power-ups to your friends: send them heals, experience, ammo, or bounty points while you play!
  • In-Game Shop: In case you run out of boosts to send your friends you can easily acquire more!
  • Amazing New Game Map: An original, custom factory map.
  • …And much more …

To start your own Epic Battle, go to Create a World and select the ‘Epic Battle’ option from the drop down menu to begin now!

Try it out and let us know your thoughts! Have Fun!

Follow this link for more detailed information:



April Contest Winners!

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…And the winners have been selected for our two large contests of the month, for our new Club Template and the Epic Battle contest for the game with the most overall number of users.

Club Template Contest

ZacharyInk is the winner of the Club Template Contest with his club Club Erratic. One of the things the judges particularly loved about this particular project was the overall appeal.  Great use of colors and was not overdone.  We enjoyed the simple yet tasteful choices.

Epic Battle Contest

Sheeno1 won the Epic Battle Contest with his game WAR!!.

Tralirra won second place for the Epic Battle Contest with her game It’s a Jungle Out There

Jack_Builder won third place for the Epic Battle Contest with his game Gettysberg1863

Congratulations to our winners and to everyone who entered or voted by playing! Stay tuned for updates on our May contests.


Featured community member: Jack_Builder

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Today we are featuring Jack_Builder, one of Kaneva’s many amazing builders. His historical game, Gettysburg 1863, was one of the winners of the March 2013 Battle contests.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am currently based in Germany; I came here through the Army and stayed.  My wife is German so we have some fairly strong roots here.

How did you get into Kaneva?

I originally got started with Second Life, but after a while I got frustrated by the creative constraints and really wanted to focus more on the creative aspect. I think I did a Google search for ‘like Second Life or better’ and ran across Kaneva. I also have roots in Atlanta, so I had to check it out. And I have been here since.

My very first building project was a naval base, but I accidentally erased the whole thing… fortunately I like to create, and really enjoy building learning experiences online, so I kept going! I also have some 3D art experience, so it is fun having a chance to use those skills.

What do you enjoy most about Kaneva?

I love being able to create pretty much whatever I want. I also love visiting other projects to see what other people are working on—I recently had a great time checking out this one Star Wars build that had an awesome Death Star Trench in it.

I think one of my favorite things about Kaneva is that it isn’t just a game that you play—in many ways, being part of Kaneva is an experience, that happens to include games.

Tell us about Gettysburg.

I have been to the real-life Gettysburg quite a few times and know a good bit about the area and the battle itself. Plus I like doing research, and this was a fun chance to learn more about 19th century urban warfare. I built as much of that into Gettysburg as I could—6 or 7 of the buildings are based directly on the original, historic buildings. You can even see walls pockmarked by bullets in several places. This game actually encouraged me to host my first event ever, for the anniversary of the start of the Civil War.

Can you tell us anything about what you have planned coming up or your other projects?

I would love to build something set in Bamberg, Germany—they have a really neat town hall, castle, and other fun architectural features; it might be fun to set up some sort of virtual tour. I also have a project set in Washington, DC—I can literally claim to own the White House in Kaneva! Ultimately, I’m a builder—that is what I love to do here.